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The biggest impact is, of course, a financial donation. You can do this several ways.

DONATE ONLINE: You can make a donation online via PayPal or Venmo at any time. We are a 501(c)(3), so in your item description please list your email or mailing address if you'd like a receipt sent to you for taxes.


PAYPAL: @christmasangels1225




Christmas Angels Inc 

PO Box 2081 

Lewiston, ID 83501

AT THE BANK: Visit any branch of P1FCU - they'll let you make a donation right there!

FUNDRAISERS: We have many fundraisers throughout the year! We post them frequently on our Facebook page and in our Facebook group, and on this website.

  • Our local Domino's Pizza in Lewiston is our most frequent, and arguably our most delicious, with a percent of the ENTIRE DAY'S PROCEEDS coming to Christmas Angels. You've never had a better reason to not cook dinner! 

  • The annual 'Christmas in July' online auction. This one is exciting - last year we had items like weekend stays at the Coeur d'Alene resort, rafting trips, and and array of other amazing adventures and items!

  • We also love to have fundraisers with local businesses, which pop up randomly. These are extra special because they not only raise funds for us, but they also promote and support our locally-owned small businesses which keeps even more money right here.


FUNDRAISER: We'd LOVE to promote your business by hosting a fundraiser with you! However, if fundraising opportunities aren't available for your business, there are other ways you can collaborate with us to make HUGE impacts on our community.

ADOPT  A FAMILY: In 2023 we offered local individuals and businesses the chance to "adopt a family" which opened up the opportunity for us to help additional families. Thanks to businesses like Idaho Central Credit Union and Westridge Apartments, employees and residents were given the opportunity to donate gifts and items for families as well which enabled us to expand our reach in the community.  The generosity shown from this was astounding, making a few children's dreams come true in ways we never could have done without the power of community networking! It's important to note that this is not just open to businesses - we had individuals adopt families too in an incredible show of generosity!

DONATE GOODS/SERVICES: We can't fulfill needs without the ability to obtain the items needed. That's where the community comes in. We partner with several local businesses already for items such as furniture, appliances, and tires. If you would like to offer your businesses goods or services to us at a reduced or no-cost rate, we'd love to talk with you more. This could be a tax benefit for your business as well.


Volunteers are needed on shopping day, wrapping day, and again on truck-loading day!

Shopping day is great fun.  Even our youngest volunteer last year - age 2 - had a great time helping to pick out toys and clothes she thought the kids would like best! On shopping day we all meet at Walmart in Clarkston where we are each given family shopping lists that consist of the gender and age of the family we're assigned, and the items on the wish list. Further specific instructions to be given at the site location when you receive your assignment as they come in from "Workshop One" (Santa's main gift coordination center at the North Pole). Once gifts are purchased they'll be taken to our local branch of Santa's Workshops (location confidential per official North Pole Policy 12.25).

Next is going to be the most fun part - wrapping day! It's exactly what it sounds like. We're going to wrap ALL those presents....and it's a lot. If wrapping is your passion - this day is for you! The 2024 giving season will be our first year having one colloquial space to store and wrap our gifts.  We plan on making a party out of it - because the season isn't just about giving - it's about laughing and enjoying time with friends and family as well!  Bonus points to those who show up in costume.

Then, finally, comes the heavy work. This is where you get to show off all your hard work at the gym this year. Loading the Uhaul for delivery. We also occasionally need volunteers with trucks to help load and deliver our larger items we're able to fulfill for families. More details on truck-loading day to come (the Elves are salty about this, they don't think Santa needs more help and they can do just fine, but the earth's population is growing at incredible rates and even Santa needs a helping hand!).

What most of you won't get to see are the tears, hugs, and words of gratitude from the families as they watch our local branch of Santa's Workshop deliver their gifts. Because our families remain anonymous throughout the entire process, from nomination to delivery, only admins will know their names and addresses. But the admins are required per North Pole Policy 12.25.01 (aka "the squee addendum") to disclose these encounters with the rest of us, and what a wonderful story it makes.

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