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The concept of Christmas Angels is essentially how it sounds. The philosophy that angels are watching over us, guiding us, and providing for us. As such, we operate primarily on a referral basis. When nominations are opened, we encourage community members to nominate families who have experienced unforeseen circumstances that have impacted their ability to provide a happy and relaxing Christmas for themselves and their family. This could be for any reason - perhaps a severe medical diagnosis which has resulted in substantial medical bills and loss of employment, an accident, a general decline of health, a change in family circumstance...whatever the need might be, we want to recognize those families who work hard, and deserve an extra amount of grace and love so they can have a truly enjoyable Christmas this year.


We begin taking nominations typically around the first week or two in October. The date will be posted on this website, and on our Facebook page, and in our Facebook group.

Nominations are only seen by administrative members of Christmas Angels. Nominated family names and details are never shared outside of our administrators - confidentiality is sacred to our organization as we believe in preserving not only our recipients private information, but preserving the magic of Christmas for those in the household who may not realize we are actually Santa's liaisons. 


When a family is selected they are assigned to one of our admins, who will then reach out to the family to confirm if the family would like to participate in our organization. Upon acceptance, we will send them the link to our family questionnaire. This form will request the names and ages of children in the home, and will ask for three "wants" and three "needs" to be listed for each child. Christmas Angels will fulfill, at a minimum, one 'want' and one 'need' for each child. If funds are available, we will fill more.  In addition to the wants and needs of the children, we ask the family to list one 'family need'. 

Christmas Angels also donates groceries to cook an entire Christmas dinner, and each family has their choice of either a turkey or a ham.

Gifts and groceries are delivered to families at their homes the first Saturday in December.

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