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You find your exams getting too cloudy for your brain. All you are searching on the internet is dissertation help or academic assistance. But you know it is not ok to restrict even the slightest refreshment efforts.

Movies can make your mind fresh in a matter of two or three hours. Who knows, maybe your brain turns on gray matter once again and you wouldn't require a ghost writer to help you finish your task. So, here is a list of four brilliant Netflix series you can take up as a mind cleaner to divert your exam fear.

1.“The big bang theory”

Inevitably the most watched series of all time, it is a must watch for students. Who knows, maybe you will find some thesis help within the physics wizardry of Sheldon Cooper. So, in the morning, when you are having hard time revising the read, you can easily finish an episode within twenty minutes.

So, get ready for a nerdy laugh ride with Sheldon, Penny, Leonard, Howard and Raj. Who knows maybe you have met your physics Write my essay buddies already?

2.“Alias Grace “

This is a miniseries and only has six episodes. Each episode is twenty minutes long. This is one of the most mind boggling series you will come across. So, never watch it together. If possible break the episodes evenly throughout the day.

It is more serious to make it to the list. So, have some control over your nerves and spread the watch time throughout the day.

3.“Gilmore girls “

Gilmore Girls can be watched more than once. You better watch this if you don't want to start off with a new show in the middle of a rigorous study schedule. The romantic affair of Rory and Jess is soothing in the eyes of a struggling examinee. You can watch it best for its re-watch value.


You know this will inevitably make the list anyway. All people on planet earth have some time or the other have attached themselves with Friends. This is meant to offer you a twenty minute break, just like Big Bang Theory. This show will prove to be an ideal mood refresher for you.

Particularly if you’re struggling with problems far too difficult for your shoulder, the show will make you laugh to release some tension. So, go ahead say like Monica, how the rules helped you control the fun.

So, be ready for your exam. That's your duty. But nothing can take away a little laugh out of you.

Eliza Allen

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